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There can be a number of reasons why someone might want commercial roof replacement. A commercial roof could be damaged, or it could be suffering from leaks, in any case, commercial roof replacement is quite necessary. If you are from Utah, Riverfront Roofing is always there to cater to all of your roofing needs.

You can call Riverfront Roofing in Utah for any type of roof replacement. If your roof is leaking or rotting, then it is the perfect time to call roofing experts to assess the damage to your roof. Riverfront Roofing has some of the best professional roofers in Utah. If you think your commercial roof needs replacement then you can acquire the professional services of Riverfront Roofing.

Usually, a roof has a life span of 15 to 25 years depending on the material used while making the roof along with the professional’s capabilities. When a roof passes its proposed life, then it starts to show cracks of wear and tear. you can definitely extend the life of your roof by doing regular fixes along with inspections but if the damage is too severe, then you have to replace the whole roof altogether.

At Riverfront Roofing, you will get the best roof replacement in all of Utah. Due to our experience and expertise, our customers consistently consider us the best in the area. Our services include making sure your roof replacing experience goes as smooth as possible.

If you are a homeowner then you must have been through this experience once in your life, and you may know about the experience of having a roof replacement done. There can be debris and dust everywhere. At Riverfront Roofing, we try to make your roof replacement process as smooth as possible so you won’t have to take extra stress.

Things to Consider For Your Roof Replacement

Commercial roof replacement is done for many purposes but the main reason why a business owner might want a roof replacement is to protect the structure itself and the safety of the workers working there, as a badly affected roof can collapse at any time. A business owner would never let it come to this. However, if you think that your commercial roof is not prone to any damage and won’t be coming down, then you can check the following to observe the damage.

A commercial roof owner needs to make sure their roof is in good enough condition to run his business properly. You can visually check for damages on the roof this includes checking for cracks and leaks, as well as any damage from water. When you are satisfied with your own findings then you can call Riverfront Roofing for a professional survey.

If you visually inspect your roof and found that a whole roof replacement is not necessary, then you can opt for roofing repairs instead of roofing replacements, in both cases, Riverfront Roofing is at your service for repairs and replacement in Utah. Having your whole roof replaced can solve many reoccurring problems which include those problems that can’t be solved with simple repairs.

Here is a list of strong and compelling points which can help you decide whether roofing replacement is good for your roof or not:

  • Cost-effectiveness of roof replacement

  • Condition of the existing roof

  • A depleting lifetime of the roof

  • Leaks found in the roof

  • Roofs in different seasons

  • Time to complete the roofing replacement

Let Us Start With Cost-Effectiveness Of Commercial Roof Replacement

As we established before, you can survey your commercial roofing by yourself to point out the minor defects. This effectively saves you from the hassle of replacing your whole commercial roof. You can simply have repairs done correctly, efficiently, and with professionalism from Riverfront Roofing if you are from Utah. Just general observation can save you huge amounts of money in the form of roofing replacements.

It is not that easy for a commercial business owner to get a roof replacement, there are many hurdles in this process, the price is often the biggest concern, but if you have successfully surveyed your roofing and think it does not need any repair then you can save your money on unnecessary roofing replacement fees.

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Condition Of The Roof 

As we touched upon earlier, you need to inspect the condition of the roof to estimate its durability. If you cannot conduct this survey by yourself, you can call the professional services of Riverfront Roofing. You can save your time and get an expert’s opinion at the same time.

If you have an old roof but in your inspection, you find that it is in well and good shape to last you a number of years, then you can have your old roof inspected by Riverfront Roofing. An untrained eye can never be equal to a trained eye; oftentimes, a roof owner thinks their roof is in good condition but when inspected by professionals many flaws unveil themselves.

Sometimes cracks and leaks are hidden in hard-to-spot places, but to a professional finding, these leaks and cracks are an everyday occurrence. You can miss these irregularities easily but to a professional, they can deep dive into the root cause of these problems, so before coming to any conclusion, you are advised to get a professional opinion from Riverfront Roofing.

Lifetime Of Your Current Roof

The lifetime of a roof is very important because it can provide you with information on how much time you have left on your roof before you would need roofing replacement. A roof can last way more than the expected time of its replacement, for instance, if you have a roof that has been used for 25 years, then you can inspect the roof for its condition. If you think it is in good enough condition, then you can leave it be. It’s still never a bad idea to have a roofing expert assess your structure though.

Usually, a roof comes with a 25-year warranty but it can last you 50 years or so, there are many ways to increase the expectancy of your roof which will be discussed further. But having said your roof can last 50 years does not mean that you should leave everything to chance.

Some roofs might not last for 15 years, it all depends on the material and the type of roofing. if you are thinking of having a roofing replacement then you should seriously consider the lifetime of your roof and the same should be communicated to the professional that is inspecting the roof.

If you want to extend the life of your roof, then the most effective way is coating the roof every 10 years, this prevents the roof from leaking, there are a lot of materials that you can use to coat your roof, to increase its life some of the most used roof coating material is Metal, EPDM, TPO some roofing companies might use Modified Bitumen.

Finding Leaks In Your Commercial Roof

If you find any leaks in your roof, then you need an inspection from professional roofing experts. We are emphasizing hard on getting your roof checked by professionals because, it is very difficult for the average person to locate the source of the leak, most often than not leaks are hidden in your roof and can be only detected by roofing experts such as Riverfront Roofing.

Finding leaks is another thing, imagine not finding any leaks but when checked by professionals a whole stream could be found. This is a possibility; leaks can be in the form of a few drops to straight-up streams. So it is wise to fix up your roof in ample time or you could be looking at a whole roof replacement.

Roofs in different seasons

If you do decide to get a roof replacement, then the ideal time to have this replacement is in the summer season. Because in the winter season your roof constantly stays wet due to fog or snow. In the summer season, your roof is all dried up and it can be replaced with ease.

Time Required To Complete The Roof Replacement

This includes the total estimated time for the overall replacement of your commercial roof. The exact time required to replace a roof is quite hard to define because there are several factors acting upon the time of completion. Your roof will be gutted and every piece of your old roof will be replaced by the new one.

You can always ask the contractor, are they installing a new roof and dismantling the older one? Or are they installing the new roof over the older one? Riverfront Roofing always discourages people to have their newly built roof on top of the old roof because in case of your old roof collapsing it will take the newly built roof with it.

In the case of the commercial roofing system, the usual practice is using products that can be used on a roof’s surface easily. In the case of roof replacement of a commercial roof, you can expect the coating to be replaced as well. Again we would like to mention that if you have water tighten spray coating done on your roof then you can effectively increase the life span of your roof for about 10 years.

How Would You Know Your New Commercial Roof Needs Replacement?

Here are some tips that will help you detect if your commercial roof needs replacement or not:

Is There Any Leakage History?

Keeping in touch with the leak history can tell you very important things about your roof. It can tell you whether your roof needs partial repairs or a full-on replacement. In order to tell if your roof needs replacement or not, you need to inspect the membrane of the roof, if the membrane remains in good enough shape then you can assume that the structure of the roof is in good condition.

The membrane of the roof usually gets damaged due to trapped moisture, If you let Riverfront Roofing take a look at your roof then our professionals will take samples of the membrane and let you know the real condition of your roof, you can find out how many layers does your roof has, along with a total report of the condition of the insulation.

Roof Membrane

You can look for any signs of the roof slightly lifted due to the wind, you can also check in areas that are usually neglected such as corners and seams.

In Utah there are specialized uplift codes that relate to the building, knowing these codes can make inspection for your roof much easier. If you don’t know these codes, you can always have our experts take a look at your roof. Our experts will conduct their own uplift wind test to know the real condition of the roof.

Roof Deck

Your roof may or may not contain a roof deck, but if your roof does contain a roof deck then you need to examine it as well because there can be significant damage hiding there, if you do find your deck to be damaged, you need to replace it as well. The cause of your deck being damaged is usually moisture piling up and remaining.

You can also find mold developing in the deck, and if this mold keeps on growing then it can eat away your whole roof.

Roof Warranty

You always need to look for roof warranties because if your roof is still under warranty then you can save a lot of money in terms of roof replacement. If you do find damage to your roof you can call the company that initially made your roof so that the roofing company pays for the damage.

However, if you do not go for an official inspection then you could void your warranty very easily.

Roof Coating

Roof coating provides a number of advantages for your roof, these advantages are as follows

  • Minimum repairs are needed after coating

  • A leak touch is added to your roof

  • The coat can reflect and repel UV rays

  • Your roof is protected against leakage

  • It effectively extends the lifespan of your roof

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