Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap

Looking for a unique movie-going experience? Check out one of the many drive-in theatres throughout the United States! These theatres offer a nostalgic experience that is hard to find elsewhere. Plus, they are typically much cheaper than traditional movie theatres.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best drive-in theatres in the country. Whether you are in California or Utah, there is sure to be a theatre near you that will satisfy your craving for movies under the stars!

What Is Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap Salt Lake City Utah?

Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap Salt Lake City Utah are one of the most popular drive-in theatres in the country. Housed in a rustic old-school building, Redwood Drive-In offers movie lovers an experience unlike any other. Not only do they show first-run movies, but they also host a swap night every Wednesday where you can trade your DVDs for new ones!

The theatre has three screens showing double features on each screen, all of which are open year-round. The parking lot is large and well-lit, so you won’t have to worry about being too close to other cars or not having enough space. Plus, there’s an outdoor snack bar with discounted snacks and drinks available for purchase.

Redwood Drive-In is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy a classic movie night experience with their family and friends. Not only do they offer a great selection of films and snacks, but the atmosphere is unique amongst all other drive-in theatres. And with their swap night, you can get new movies without spending any extra money.

So if you’re ever in Salt Lake City or nearby, make sure to check out Redwood Drive-In it’s one of the best drive-in experiences in the United States.

History Of Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap Salt Lake City Utah

Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap has been operating in Salt Lake City since 1947. It is one of the oldest drive-in theatres still operating today, and it offers a unique experience unlike any other. Customers can purchase tickets to see one of their classic films or they can rent out the entire theatre for a private viewing.

The swap night at Redwood allows customers to exchange their used movie DVDs for new ones at no additional cost. This event takes place every Thursday, and it’s always a hit amongst locals and visitors alike.

Timing Of Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap Salt Lake City Utah

Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap operates seven days a week, starting at 6 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. On other nights, it opens at 7 PM. In addition to regular showtimes, the theatre also offers special events like midnight screenings and outdoor concerts during the summer months.


For those who want to make a full night out of their visit, Redwood also has an onsite snack bar that serves up hot food and snacks. A great selection of classic films is always available, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

What You Should Keep In Mind While Visiting Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap?

  1. Make sure to bring a car with a functioning radio for the audio portion of the movie.
  2. Redwood accepts cash, credit, and debit cards as payment methods.
  3. Get there early if you plan on cornering the best spot!
  4. Check out their website for additional events throughout the year.
  5. Consider purchasing tickets online ahead of time to avoid long lines at the box office.
  6. Dogs are allowed, but they must remain inside your vehicle during showings.
  7. Before leaving, make sure to check out the Swap section of Redwood where you can exchange vintage items with other patrons or pick up something special from the archives!


Redwood Drive-in Theatre and Swap Salt Lake City are one of the best drive-in theatres in the United States. With classic double features every night and swap meet gatherings on Saturdays, this theatre offers an unparalleled experience for movie fans of all ages. Whether you’re looking to take a movie with friends or family, Redwood is your go-to spot for a great time.