Residential Roof Replacement

The roof is basically your home’s protection and handing it over to someone means that you are leaving that protection in someone else’s hands. We understand that can be a scary feeling, however, having the professionals at Riverfront Roofing handle the roof replacement can put you at ease. The following are some basic things that should be looked at before having a roof replacement.

Who would want their home to be constructed with fragile materials? You need to know about different materials in order to choose the best one. Commonly used home roof materials are:

  • Metal Roofing

  • Asphalt Shingles

  • Slate Roofing

  • Wood Shakes

These materials often come in an array of different colors and styles. These colors can also match a variety of outdoor home decor.

Roof Types

There are three roof types that are

  • Metal

  • Slate

  • Tile

In the metal roof type, flat or low slop is used. In the slate type asphalt shingles are used and in the tile type wood shingles are used. It is important to note that you will not have wood shingles repaired. However, you can replace them.

How a Professional Handles Roof Replacement

Are you willing to hand over the protection of your home to someone who is inexperienced? Having a professional residential roofer can help replace the roof with ease. Letting the professionals handle it will not only make your roof last longer but also will increase the roof life.

Looking for an experienced, professional company for roofing? Riverfront Roofing is a well-reputed company that will surely exceed your expectations. A well-reputed company like Riverfront Roofing will provide you with professionals that are well trained and certified to have your roof repaired so that you can forget about the concerns that are circling in your head.

Professionals also avoid having another roof built on the preexisting one because the old roofing can damage the new one. The old can also trap insects that can spoil the new roofing.

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Roof Replacement Process

The roof replacement process may involve the following steps. Their steps are usually chosen by the company to ensure that you get the most durable roof.


The whole roof replacement process starts with inspecting the roof’s present condition. There may be different approaches used by different companies. By having a manual inspection, you will be told about the budget and whether you want a repair or replacement.

Analysis & Solution

If the roof needs replacement then this process will start after analysis. If only some changes are required then we will not ask you to have a total replacement. You would be asked to have repairs to save the cost of having the full replacement. You will also be provided with options as to which material will be best for your roof type.


There are numerous options available. You can have different color options and material options, and you can select these options based on your personal preferences. You can also look for an energy-efficient model as well or you can look at a number of things to consider such as:

  • Resisting the environmental impact

  • The life span of roofing

  • Warranty

  • Budget


After going through the above steps and if the replacement is not possible then removal will take place (if necessary). To remove the roofing the components will be removed one by one most of the time by hand. When it is being removed, it will be lowered down to the ground into the waste container.

It’s a wise idea to ensure any valuables are cleared once this process starts, including parking your car somewhere safe to make certain nothing is damaged. Riverfront Roofing understands this process and takes great care in everything they do.


Now, the new roofing install will start according to your selected terms and conditions. You need to know that Riverfront Roofing will install your roof using the latest techniques. We’re constantly learning the latest and greatest to improve our craft. Moreover, the installation will also be performed by well-trained and certified staff.

After the installation, you will also be provided with a warranty.


After the installation, a careful look will reveal any minor imperfections. Such finalizing will be done by a magnetic sweep for nails as well as metal roofing. Quality control will also inspect the installation manually before providing you with the warranty. Such steps are there to ensure that the owner gets 100% satisfaction. Also, this increases the durability of the roofing installed.

Insurance Policies

By obtaining roofing services from trained professionals; you may have insurance. Insurance is dynamic and sometimes it can be hard for the average to understand. However, our company ensures that you understand everything to make the best decision for yourself, your family, and your home.

The insurance and warranty claims professionals can help the owner to manage the property efficiently. By truly understanding their insurance, the owner can easily make claims to the insurance company. 

Cost of the Project

Of course, the cost of the project will depend upon the size of the roof that you want to be replaced, the pitch of the room as well as the material used. You can ask your roofing company about what they will provide you in the end.

You will also be provided with the cost estimation. If the cost does not fit your budget, Riverfront Roofing can give you numerous options to ensure a nice roof that will be in your price range.


Replacing a roof is a big investment so, it should be done with the utmost care. Cutting corners or going with a cheap solution can cost you more in the long run than a sustainable investment. Looking for certified companies and contractors like Riverfront Roofing can provide you with a roof that will be sturdy for years to come, protecting you and your home.

There are many things that should be taken into consideration such as materials, roof types, professionals, steps of roof replacement, insurance policies, and the cost of the project. After knowing the things you will have an informed idea about which type of material or service you want to have from your roofing company.

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