Commercial Roof Inspection and Survey

If you want to get your roof evaluated, then there are two methods of achieving this. The first method is inspection and the other surveys, now which method is chosen depends on you, having said that if you do decide to get your roof inspected then it is possible your roof might’ve required just a survey but you opted out of the inspection.

Vice versa if you opted out for the survey then it is possible that your roof might’ve required inspection. To clear all of this confusion once and of all, we will explain both what inspection and survey are, along with some methods of inspection.

It is possible to make inspecting your commercial roof in a DIY project if you are up to it, but we do advise you to seek a professional for these types of things. Sometimes depending on your mood and your budget, you don’t feel like calling a professional to do the inspection, instead, you decide to do the inspection by yourself and if this is indeed the case then we recommend you to read this all the way through.

You are going to find way too many tips and tricks that will allow you to inspect and survey your roof all by yourself, but again, we recommend you to call a professional because to an untrained eye you cannot see the real problem and to a trained eye something that may look stable today but will cause problems in the future can be traced easily.

So it is quite possible that calling a professional may look and feel expensive but if the problem is assessed in this early phase you can save yourself from a catastrophic disaster. You don’t want to risk it while attempting to save some nominal amount, the best company that provides you with a quality roof inspection is Riverfront Roofing.

Best Roofing Solution In Utah

As we touched on earlier, Riverfront Roofing has one of the best roofing solutions in Utah, when you call our professionals for any roofing service, especially for commercial roofing, the expert will do a complete survey. This is usually done beforehand, especially in the case of roof replacements or repairs.

We need to know what kind of damage we are dealing with before we take any action, and in some ways, this is good for you as well as there are many times in which our customers thought they needed roof replacement but when assessed and judged by our expert, it turns out simple roof repair was enough to get the job done.

While on the other hand, a roofing inspection typically comes into play when you are dealing with real estate or insurance. From this, you can pretty much distinguish between both survey and inspection. To further clarify what is the difference between survey and inspection, we can say that a survey can be performed by anyone including yourself, but a proper inspection for buying real estate or insurance assessments is needed to be conducted by a professional. Riverfront Roofing has you covered if you are in Utah. Our services cover all types of roofing inspections and surveys.

How A Commercial Roof Inspection Is Done

In normal cases, a commercial roofing inspection is performed by a property inspector. Now, these inspections are very crucial and critical because these inspections are done to highlight what type of condition the commercial building is in. The commercial building in question could be in very good shape or it could be on the brink of disaster, this is something for the expert to analyze.

Coming back to the inspections, in most cases inspections are kept brief and these inspections are done visually. The complete inspection of one’s commercial roof includes the following. Please do keep in mind that these inspections are performed by professionals and every professional has his own way of inspecting.

  1. Inspection For Fire Safety

  2. Inspection To Check The Durability Of Wood

  3. Paints That Are Lead-Based Inspection

  4. General Environmental Inspection

  5. Roofs That Are Made From Asbestos Inspection

  6. Checking the Air Quality

  7. Radon Inspection

  8. Checking the general condition of the roof and checking the remaining lifetime of the roof.

Commercial Roof Survey

Commercial roofing surveys are carried out by companies located within your reach, Riverfront Roofing is the best option for a roofing survey if you are in Utah. The surveys that you can expect from Riverfront Roofing are conducted to know the current state of the roof along with the value of the roof.

Riverfront Roofing will perform your roofing survey which will check the roof’s membrane and insulation. If you do hire Riverfront Roofing to do your roofing survey then you will be glad to know that Riverfront Roofing will not only visually inspect your roof but will also take various samples of the roofing materials, along with other measurements.

These samples of materials and measurements will help you understand the following about your roof:

  1. Condition of the deck, membrane, and also health of the insulation material

  2. The condition known as flashing

  3. The condition of the metal edge

  4. How the gutters and the drains are working

  5. The overall surface conditions of the walls

  6. The ever so changing slope of the roof

  7. Any moisture that is stuck inside the wall

  8. The condition of drainage

  9. The condition of ventilation

It is interesting to note that the above-mentioned points are very difficult to detect with an untrained eye, so if you are planning to do this survey by yourself you can use this checklist to see for yourself the condition of the roof, but if you let Riverfront Roofing do the survey for you, then you will be presented with a report after the initial survey.

The report will tell you about all the little details that were seen in the initial observation, which includes some technical specifications that will be included in a detailed report in which you will find all the information about your commercial roof.

Some companies share the reports of their survey in a document form, while others include photos of different elements, but one thing is for certain, an untrained eye cannot capture everything a trained eye can. Some companies go as far as giving you a perfectly built blueprint that contains the locations of all of your vents and drains.

Once again we would like to emphasize the fact, you should hire professionals like Riverfront Roofing to give yourself a far better idea of the condition of your roof. Aside from having a professional survey your roof, it gives you the added benefit of saving time.

Survey With The Help Of Infrared

Infrared surveys are performed when you want to know the quality of the roof and the amount of moisture in it. These types of surveys are typically used to tell the quality of insulation. If you suspect your insulation has gone bad then there is no better way to tell than using an infrared survey. This survey is done with a specialized infrared camera.

It is one of those things that you cannot do all by yourself, you do need a helping hand in the form of Riverfront Roofing in Utah. To start this survey, you need a specific temperature and the best time to perform this survey is in the evening time. The temperature at that time is perfectly ideal for an infrared survey to commence.

Pictures play a crucial while performing this survey, the person in charge takes pictures with their infrared camera where moisture is suspected on the roof. The spots that are affected are usually wet. By using an infrared camera, the photos help estimate the exact spot where replacement should be made.

The whole process is done under the supervision of professionals. So, even if you do own an infrared camera, it would be very hard for you to tell where the exact spot of replacement is.

Why Do You Need Commercial Roofing Survey?

There could be many reasons why you want a commercial roofing survey done, but most commonly people call Riverfront Roofing in Utah when they need to know if their commercial roof needs repair or replacement. You can always perform your own survey of your commercial roof. We will tell you exactly what you have to look for while surveying commercial roofing. Also in this article, you will find tips on how you could survey your roof like a professional.

Checklist Of Commercial Roofing

Extreme hot and extreme cold weather is very bad for your commercial roofing. You can inspect your commercial roof by yourself any time you like. Some people prefer to do their own survey by themselves to effectively save money on repairs and replacements.  

Let’s discuss what professional roofing inspectors look at while they are conducting their roofing surveys. But first, let us discuss what can go wrong while you are conducting your commercial roofing survey.

Things That Can Go Wrong

When the weather is extremely cold you could experience more moisture than normal. This extra moisture can lead to roof leaks or even frozen gutters. If it’s snowing then it’s even worse because snow can build up in the gutters, leading to different blockages.

If you want to extend the life of your roof then you need to prevent this build-up and if you leave this unattended then you are making your roof replacement and repair much more difficult than it needs to be. Moreover, it has been observed that extreme weather conditions can also cause the roof to collapse on to itself.

The ever-changing weather conditions make your roof expand and contract. This expanding and contracting causes cracks and leaks to appear in your commercial roof and this ultimately leads to the collapsing of the whole roof. Another neglected factor that you need to take into consideration is the fact water that seeps in the cracks can freeze up.

When there is a shift in temperature, the frozen ice inside of the cracks melts up which causes the cracks to become even more widespread. And the same processes repeat themselves, the water freezes in the cracks, and when the water melts the crack becomes bigger.

Now let’s get back to the checklist that professionals use to survey commercial roofing. Want to know best infrared camera for roof inspection? Call Riverfront Roofing Now!

Check List Of Things To Check While Surveying Commercial Roofing

In this list, you will find the things you need to look for while you are doing your survey.

Conduct a Survey That Covers Every Detail

To keep your roof in prestigious condition you need to take care of your roof and the best way of taking care of your roof is to conduct a complete evaluation of your commercial roofing. To evaluate your roof easily you can check the below-mentioned areas and if you do find abnormalities then you will know right away that you need roofing repairs.

  • Deck of the roof

  • Vents of the roof

  • Check for any type of flashing

  • Look for Field Tears

  • Gutters need to be checked

  • Drainage pipes need proper checking

You need to keep in mind that a simple visual survey can let you towards finding the tiniest of cracks, and as we established before, a tiny crack can become wider and wider in winter. Another prospect of doing the survey is the difference in the inspection.

You might not be able to find these small details by yourself. You need a trained eye of an expert, that can detect the tiniest of cracks in hard-to-find places.

After doing the initial inspection you can check the following

  • Look for debris on the roof

  • If there is ponding water, inspect it immediately

  • Check If there is flashing

  • Check the roof for cracks

  • If you have a parapet wall you need to inspect it for termination

  • The edge of the wall should be checked by giving equal priority to them

  • The surface of the roof is equally important

  • Gutters should be propyl checked for cracks

  • Make sure there is no blockage in downspouts

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